About Gass Beats

A Modern Sound Recording Studio.

Our Mission

Gass Beats provides each client with a high quality recorded project because of the inspiring and comfortable environment in which we create. If your music is important to you, then you want the best. Recording in a studio that delivers total comfort, superior musicality, and professional expertise is what you deserve.

Years In Business
Proudly Serving Buffalo's Music Scene
Artists Recorded each Year
From Rock to Hip-Hop

Who We Are

Gass Beats is a full service recording studio that provides beats, recording, mixing and production services. Gass Beats is the ideal studio for new musicians and bands to record albums and singles in.

Our staff is comprised of veteran engineers, studio musicians, and producers. Additionally, they are experts in countless genres, including rock, pop, gospel, punk, hip-hop, country, and everything in between.

We're a leading recording studio serving the Western New York region.

"Music is My Religion.” Jimi Hendrix (singer/songwriter/guitarist)

Meet The Studio Owner

At Gass Beats, we strive to provide a comfortable creative environment for local rappers and rockers. Our highly-trained and dedicated staff makes that happen.

Antoine Cook

Owner / Chief Engineer

The Gass Beats owner has years of experimental studio work behind him, first as a solo rap artist, then as a Beatsmith for other performers. From there, Antoine made contacts with area rappers, rockers and R&B artists, building a network of local talent that he uses to beef up tracks.

He has recorded hundreds of artists, and written and produced hundreds of songs in the last six years.

Mr. Cook's new suburban studio is a great a country home for his city sounds. Contact him and find out more today.