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Gass Beats provides our clients with affordable, high quality recording services.

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Gass Beats produces tracks that grab you. We help singers and rappers develop their writing, and create beats, samples and music that backs them up. Gass Beats translates your musical dreams into digital masterpieces.

We offer top quality recording, mixing, and mastering at a great price.

Are you ready to get the exposure that you deserve?

Do you need copies of your tunes at competitive rates?

Do you have recorded tracks that need mixing and mastering?

Gass Beats Gets it Done.

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Recording & Mixing

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Production & Mastering

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Beats are our specialty.

Gass Beats will build custom, original tracks for release or live performances. Your music will stand out when compared to all the basement tracks out there.

Additionally, we have helped singers find original music to record and perform, rappers turn their rhymes into single tracks, and programmed sick beats for live performers to freestyle over. Gass Beats develops artists and cultivates creativity.

We can build your beats off of a sample you love, a rhythm you beatbox, or an emotion you describe. We make music for trained professionals and up-and-coming amateurs alike. Contact us to find out more.

Recording & Mixing

Gass Beats values recording. It's much more than throwing a few microphones on drums and amplifiers, then pressing play.

Good recordings have clear, isolated tracks, properly mixed, and must have proper mic placement, gain, and effects. Of course, the most important part is also the most elusive: The Performance.

We make artists feel comfortable, and help them fully express themselves.

After recording the instrumentation for tracks, catching the right vocal performances, and adding any samples or drum loops, you're not ready to throw it on iTunes yet. The recorded tracks have to be adjusted, so all the elements work together and flow.

That process is called mixing.

When done professionally, all of the voices, instruments, beats and samples are balanced perfectly and seamlessly.

During mixing, we also add digital effects, delay, reverb, chorus, compression, equalization (EQ) on each track, and we can add dozens of others studio tricks that make even an average song sound amazing, unlike anything you’ve recorded before.

Our knowledge of chart-topping music and and our finely-tuned ears help us deliver the most crisp, professional sounding tracks.

Internet Ideators - Services - Branding

Internet Ideators - Services - Branding

Production & Mastering

When a track (or album) is mixed, it still isn't ready for the listening public. The mix only means that the voices, instruments and beats sound great together. Now, we need to make the mix sound "radio ready". That means that we process the track to make it sound bigger, louder, wider and more clear.

These finishing touches make the music fill the audio spectrum. They are techniques that can't be done during the mixing process, which is more focused on individual tracks, not the overall sound.

Gass Beats will make your tracks shine compared to your peers. If you want to have your CD mastered by the studio, contact us for our mastering rates and guidelines.


Our prices are fair and affordable, however, all prices are quoted on a project-by-project basis, determined by number of hours, needed musicians, services requested, that sort of thing. Contact us and tell us about your vision.

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